Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Strategy #3:The Real Truth About High-Paying AdSense Keywords

The Real Truth About High-Paying AdSense Keywords

Every single day I receive an email from someone or the other saying:
“Abhi, please send me a list of keywords that will pay me $20-$30 per click in AdSense”
You see, I do not blame them for asking that question. It’s not their fault.There is a lot of
misinformation floating around the Internet.And newbies get attracted to anything that
promises a lot of riches.
You will find many sites that will sell you lists of “High-paying AdSense Keywords” or list of
keywords that will “Sky-rocket your AdSense earnings overnight”.
They make you feel that if you purchase their list and design your sites based on these keywords,
your AdSense earnings would touch the sky.
According to them,Google pays you around 50% of the keyword cost. So if someone clicks on
the ad, for a keyword costing $50, you will earn around $25...Cool!
But not so cool! This isn’t how it works…
If it were that easy, you would find gazillions of AdSense success stories.Things are not so simple,
Currently I have more than 150,000 keywords that I use to drive traffic to my sites. So maybe, I
know a thing or two about AdSense and keywords.
Every day when I look at my stats I know what the real truth is. And the truth is not what you
** The Truth **
Google never discloses what percentage it will pay to the AdSense Publisher.And there are too
many factors involved which determine how much Google will pay you.
As I mentioned above, if Google paid everyone 50% on a keyword costing $50, you would
become filthy rich in no time.Oh!Wish life were so easy!
For many so-called high-paying keywords, Big G sometimes pays me not even 10 cents.Can you
believe that?
Yes that’s true. Less than 10 cents for a HIGH paying keyword.

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