Thursday, September 11, 2014

Link Indexing & Strengthening in Action

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Link Indexing and Strengthening to top 5 ranking your site

RSS feed is by far the most promising free method to get your backlinks indexed

And here are the steps

1) Go to and enter all your recorded backlinks into the first large box (If the website is temporarily down, use )
2) Enter whatever title and description you like (can be very short)
 3) Click Generate URLs
4) Now you have generated 2 RSS feeds (they are the same feed, just 2 different versions)
5) Now we won't be using the RSS submitter here.
 Instead, go to and enter one of your RSS feeds, enter whatever titles, description, website, and email (website and email don‟t need to be yours,
just enter whatever website and email)
6) Click Submit
7) Now take all your recorded backlinks and submit to, the process is self-explanatory.

Note: If is down temporarily, use instead.
IMPORTANT: Massive blog comments and forum profile links like those that offer over 10,000 links finished within a few days are NOT recommended,
so you shouldn’t be using them.
 The idea is that we need to protect our Tier1 properties and make them stick.
 Simply put, 10 links getting indexed a bit later is better than 10 links getting removed
 especially when this is done without the help of SEO software
. So drip feeding your submission is necessary
 In case some of you who haven‟t heard about “drip feed”, it means to spread your link creation over a period of time.
In the future, if you have got a large number of backlinks, I highly recommend you to create several RSS feeds (each with 30-40 backlinks) instead of having everything in one feed for better crawling.
This small tweak has always brought me higher indexing rate.
When you have created several feeds, go to and submit all your RSS feeds to create a single feed, and then submit to them using BulkPing as mentioned above.
This is for convenience and save time for RSS submission. Don't worry, the effectiveness is the same.
Spend no more than 20 minutes (maximum) for the whole task.

 Tools & Service (Optional):Backlink Indexer – 5 Day free trial available, most effective so far on the market
 If you are tight in budget and decided to take advantage of its 5 day free trial, do it only after the entire campaign in order to take full advantage of its free trial.
 It will also give you a feel of its power. ( – Free version available
Note: If you decide to play with it, free version should be enough for getting both your Tier1 and Tier2 links crawled.
Here is a tutorial:

However, as there is ZERO massive blasting throughout the entire linkbuilding system, and for most of you who aren't building a large number of sites, there is no need to use its paid version which provides 10,000/links submission per day.
 If you decide to use a paid indexing service, I'd highly recommend you to use Backlink Indexer instead.  Backlink Energizer (
 Create your own indexing network 
As this is going to take you quite a lot of time to create a good cluster of sites as well as require some technical knowledge to set it up properly, I wouldn't recommend this here
 ScrapeBox ( - Blog commenting to get links indexed
   For most of you who aren't building a huge number of sites this is also not recommended, as the cost of proxy and time spent on scraping AA list wouldn't be worth it compared to a (dripable) These are just some of the tools that I have experience of that you can use. In fact, any tool that is able to build backlinks and that preferably doesn't require

Free SEOMEGAPACK the huge IM Tools 

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