Thursday, June 4, 2009

Using Affiliate Mashups To Add Depth To Your Site

The world of internet marketing and web-based business is highly competitive. In fact, it can be even more competitive then location based marketing because you are not just competing with the store across the street. You are competing with the world everyone from small businesses, to international locations for the same products you sell can be found on the internet. This is where mashup scripts and a mashup store can help you rise above the competition.

A mashup store combines the content and information from a variety of locations and places it in a single spot, in this instance your store. This provides something of a one-stop shop. Individuals can see what books are available and coming out from Amazon, what auctions are up on Ebay, videos and tutorials from places like Youtube all in data feeds that appear directly on your website.

The benefit of this is that individuals who constantly visit these types of sites for information on what your website is on can find everything they are looking for in a single location. Instead of visiting a multiple sites, they can visit a single website that provides everything they are looking for. That in turn generates traffic including repeat traffic. After all modern society is all about convenience. They also add a degree of depth to your website.

Sites which only contain one type of content are very one-dimensional and while the content can be excellent it might not be enough on it's own to keep customers interested. By adding a variety of different content types, you create a versatile site that is not only rich in content but appeals to a wider audience.

You do not have to have a complicated website in order to have one that has depth. You still will want to have a mashup store that has a variety of content but not one that creates an issue with loading or overloads the visitor with two much information. To keep it proportional consider putting data from a maximum of three locations. You can always use different affiliates for different pages but by keeping it to three per page, you accomplish a couple of things. You add depth to your website; you leave enough space to allow for a decent size on each of the content areas. You also increase traffic to your site without appreciable increasing load time if you have the right script.

You can help yourself rise above your competition by adding depth to your website. You can do this through affiliate mashups. You can easily add a variety of content to your website that updates regularly to provide your site with a broader appeal and keep people heading to your website.

By : Tom Kranz

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