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Affiliate Marketing Secret to Make Affiliate Commissions

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How To Make Extra Money online

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Passive Income

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Passive Income
How to Earn More and Work Less

Do you want to continue working 50, 70, 100 hours a week the rest of your life?
Good! Neither do I.

Do you want to be able to take time off whenever you want to, without worrying about what's going to happen to your business?

So do I!

There's a saying in the corporate world: "Don't make yourself irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted." As an entrepreneur, this is still true in its own way. Let's think of "being promoted" as earning more and working less. You can raise your prices, but until you can remove yourself from being directly involved in doing the work that generates the income, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can earn, and it can only increase very slowly.

Passive income, on the other hand, is income that does not require your direct involvement. Some kinds of passive income you may be familiar with include owning rental property, royalties on an invention or creative work, and network marketing. If you want to earn more, work less, and have a decent retirement, you're going to have to start creating income streams that do not require your direct involvement. Whether you're just starting your business, or you've been running it a while, the sooner you start thinking about how you are going to shift your business model to create more passive income, the sooner you can achieve personal and financial freedom.

Let's look at two basic types of passive income, and a third type of income that, while technically not passive, is a key strategy for earning more and working less.

Residual Income

Residual income is revenue that occurs over time from work done one time. Some examples include:

An insurance agent who gets commission every year when a customer renews his policy
A network marketing or direct sales rep's income from her direct customers when they reorder product every month
An aerobics instructor who produces a video and sells it at the gyms where she teaches
A marketing consultant who creates a workbook and sells it in e-book format on the Internet
A photographer who makes his photos available through a stock photography
clearinghouse and gets paid a royalty whenever someone buys one of his images
A restaurant or retail owner who has grown to the point of hiring a trustworthy manager
As you can see, there are many different ways to generate residual income across a wide variety of businesses. It may be recurring income from the same customers, or the sales of a product to new customers. It may require no personal involvement whatsoever, such as an e-book sold on a web site, or it may require some personal interaction, such as the insurance agent calling the customer to remind them about their renewal and ask them if they want to change any of their coverage. Often, it's something that you can delegate to an assistant.
Note that this is different from merely recurring income. Recurring income may still require your involvement to earn the income, e.g., a coach or consultant on a monthly retainer, or a caterer who delivers lunch every Monday to the local school board. While this "active recurring income" offers welcome stability, it also tends to tie you down, and you still have limits on your earning capacity based on your own personal production capacity.

Leveraged Income

Leveraged income leverages the work of other people to create income for you. Some examples of leveraged income include:

An e-book author selling her e-book through affiliates who promote the product
A network marketer who builds a downline and receives commissions on the sales made by people in his downline
A general contractor who makes a profit margin on the work done by sub-contractors
Franchising your business model to other entrepreneurs (the ultimate leveraged income)
Again, there are many different models in many different businesses. The key is that you are making money off of other people's labor, rather than primarily your own. Note that leveraged income may or may not also be residual income. When you combine them, that's even better.
Active Leveraged Income

This is a term I use to describe income that requires your direct participation, but that you can make more money by having more people involved. This generally involves a one-time event, such as:

A seminar or class
A conference or convention
Concerts and dance recitals
Raves and other parties
Although these require your direct participation, your earning potential is much higher than if someone were just paying you a direct hourly rate. Fill a room with 1,000 people paying $50 each and you can cover your facility cost, promotional cost, and staffing fees and still have a nice chunk of change left over.
Applying It

Now is the time to think about how to apply this in your business. Can you create a product that people will buy over and over again? Can you engage others to sell your product? How could you make money off the work of others?

The sooner you answer these questions, the sooner you'll have financial and personal freedom.

$100/Day Success Timeline

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$100/Day Success Timeline

Days 1 and 2:

Print out this manual and read it 2 times front to back. If there are any gaps in
your knowledge, mark them down and go fill those gaps by doing some quick
research in the PGI membership area. Then, go back and make notes in the

Day 3:

• Register your 124 domains and signup for your hosting accounts.
• Set the proper DNS setting on your domains so that they work on your
hosting accounts.
• Load your 100 money domain URL’s into an Excel spreadsheet
• Setup all 124 domains on your various hosting accounts.
• Setup your Google AdSense channels
• Load your domains into an FTP program like CuteFTP
• Gather 200,000 keywords

Day 4:

Your domains will most likely have propagated by now.
• Get your WordPress template(s) ready if you’re using your own
• Install a WordPress blog on the root of every one of your 100 money
• Gather 200,000 keywords

Day 5:

• Setup your blog farms domains in your hosting control panels
• Setup your first blog farm as well as your Excel tracking sheet.
• Gather 200,000 keywords
• Setup your other 2 blog farms in the same way you setup your first.
• Gather incoming links to blog 6 on all 3 blog farms.

Day 6:

• Gather 200,000 keywords

Day 7:

• Install Swift Blogger as directed earlier.
• Load all of your blogs into their respective Swift Blogger installs
• Load content into all of your Swift Blogger installs

Day 8-10:

• Finish gathering keywords so you have at least 3 million (preferably 4

Day 11:

• Build Pages on 50 domains

Day 12:

• Build Pages on Remaining 50 domains

Day 13:

• Load all of your pages into Swift Blogger. Swift Blogger will now begin
posting links to your sites.

Day 14 and Beyond:

• Begin your ‘icing on the cake’ promotional methods, including setting up
Linktator, Blogger blogs, and submitting RSS feeds.
Extended Timeline

Day 30 - 45:

• You should be seeing income now. Over the next few weeks track your
Adsense stats in Asrep (or any other ad tracking system you’re using) and
watch your channels in AdSense. Figure out which keyword lists are
performing the best and save them to a special folder on your computer
called “Big Money Lists.”

Day 45 and Beyond:

• Take some of the income you’re earning from AdSense and reinvest it in
new hosting accounts and another 100 domains. Don’t wait. Do it
now…you’ll be glad you did. This time around it will be MUCH, MUCH
faster as you’ll know the process front to back and won’t have to constantly
refer to this manual.
• Build sites on your next 100 domains using your “Big Money Lists.” These
domains will likely be quite a bit more profitable than your first 100.
• Come back and read this manual again and figure out which tasks you can

begin outsourcing with your newfound stream of income.

ACTION. In little, bitesized steps. So here’s a look at how to implement this package over the next 2 weeks.
Follow this plan if you want to start attracting targeted traffic in viral quantities. Skip a step and it doesn’t work. If you’ve followed along you’ll realize it all builds on the previous step. And it’s pretty easy, and
mostly FUN.
Day Oneregister accounts
with all social media
source 2 blogs
relevant to your niche
source 2 forums
relevant to your niche
and register
Day Twowrite 1 article and 1
blog post
convert article to
powerpoint and pdf,
share to slideshare,
post to FB and
Ping your blog post
and post it in Tumblr
Day Threeminimum 5 forum
minimum 5 blog
attempt to initiate
dialogues in blogs
Days Fourcreate video from
powerpoint or
manually upload or
outsource uploading
5 forum posts
Day Fiveupload all images
from the week’s blog
posts and articles to
submit article
snippets and links to
Day One5 blog comments 5 forum posts
Day TwoCreate 1 article and 1
blog post
submit as in day 2
week 1
ping blog post and
post in Tumblr
Day ThreeConvert powerpoint
to video or outsource
upload video
manually or
5 blog comments
Day Foursubmit all images
from articles and blog posts to pinterest
5 forum posts
Day Fiveblog commenting and forum postingspend time updating your site and/or offer pagessubmit article snippets and links to reddit

you can action every day (well 5 days out of 7) over 2 weeks. After the 1st two weeks, simply rinse and repeat. Remember viral targeted traffic comes as the result of following these steps in order, and diligently. If you don’t feel like completing a task on a given day, don’t expect results.
 It all builds, and we’re laying a foundation here.
 The beauty is that once this foundation is laid this system becomes pretty much self sustaining. Because after a month, you’ll have established authority. Your social media accounts will have grown exponentially. Your blog posts will see increased traffic. Your comments and posts will get noticed. And you’ll have gotten so good at all this that you’ll be able to accomplish these tasks in a fraction of the time and they’ll simply become a part of your daily routine
. By habit when you go into facebook, for example, rather than checking your personal feed you’ll be commenting on pages relevant to your niche. Which is just as much fun, but produces results! So please stick with it to see the benefits.
 This isn’t hard, it just takes a bit of time to get rolling. And a small time spend to see converting traffic coming your way is a pretty valuable investment.

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