Sunday, July 19, 2009

HyperVRE The Site-Building Process: Step 1

Before I start buildingmy sites using HyperVRE, I do the following:
1.Decide on Niche(s) that I want to build the site on – I’ve already mentioned above how I
do that.
2.Create a header image for the niche.You can use any image-editing tool for this. I’ve
found that creating a header image related to your niche topic is the best way to go, but
second to that is to just use a generic header image that will relate to any topic.
3.Decide which templates to build my site(s) on. I currently use a predefined template that
has been working very well for me in the past.
See the example template screenshot below… This example has a header image specifically related to the niche topic of “Acting”.

Where do you get your templates or do you create them yourself?
I get many of my templates from Matt’s , as well as Joel
Comm’s Instant AdSense Templates.
The quality of these templates at is much better than those at IAT, but
since they don’t provide as many each month, I’m still a member of the IAT service. If I only
created 15 sites per month, then I’d definitely stick with just
I recommend going with some sort of template service though because there’s no way I’d
1. The ability to create professional-looking designs
2. The time to create all of these designs each month
3. The time to try to optimize each and every template
4. The time to come up with 50-60 new topics each month.
If it sounds like I’m really endorsing these services, it’s because I am! ;-)
They really are the backbone of my site-creation process (well, second to HyperVRE of course).
Definitely worth it!

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