Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will You Benefit From a Mashup Store?

Creating mashup scripts for a mashup store is not as tricky as it seems. In fact, it can be incredibly easy to do and can have you up and running in only a few minutes. Most of the affiliate sites are going to provide the individual script necessary to bring content from their page.

Mashup scripts consolidate content from multiple source to create a dynamic and updated site full of relevant data. This helps to create a site that people will want to use. It also helps you to create an increased amount of traffic from a number of different sources in addition to your already established userbase. People love to be able to watch a video on how to use a product, see what is available on the auctions, or where they can find the best books with information on the topic of their choice.

A mashup store combines the content and information from a variety of locations and places it in a single spot, in this instance your store. This provides something of a one-stop shop. Individuals can see what books are available and coming out from Amazon, what auctions are up on Ebay, videos and tutorials from places like Youtube all in data feeds that appear directly on your website.

A pre-made affiliate mashup are sites that have already been created and tested and are ready to go. All that needs to be done is place the appropriate affiliate information into the script and upload the script to your website. You can even obtain pre-made keyword lists that will assist you in making sure that the content that appears on your site is related.

If you are looking to build your own affiliate mashup, a good tutorial will tell you everything you need. You can find both written and video guides that can show you how to write your own script and simply insert the details from your particular affiliate sites. In addition to creating your script, you will also want to create your keyword list. Your keyword list will be what pulls the information from your affiliates into your affiliate mashup. It also helps to coordinate all the data so that the information from each of the affiliates matches. This allows your visitors to watch videos on your product or relevant content, view auctions, see the latest books or relevant material; even Google and yahoo have affiliate programs that can become part of your affiliate mashup.

There are many websites, like, which are starting to use this method not only to generate revenue but also to make the site more versatile and relevant for people. The idea is to encourage people to stay on the site, increasing the chance of a sale but also to tell their friends, family and associates.

Creating a mashup store on your website can easily be done by locating scripts that provide you with the information necessary to place this content on your website. You can find these scripts by checking the affiliate information on the individual websites, doing a quick internet search for creative commons script or purchasing a custom made script for your site - read through this Ebay affiliate mashup guide for more details.


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