Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indexing/Link Building Techniques- Blogging and RSS

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Indexing,Link Building Techniques- Blogging and RSS

We are going to look at are a few techniques to quickly build backlinks which will successively get your page indexed, in most cases at a pretty speedy pace.
 If you’re already indexed this may further your position in the search engines or drive the search engines to crawl more of your pages and get more of your site indexed. First Blogging and RSS.

Blogs and RSS


Blogging is essentially a different way to get back links. Once you compose a blog, Google knows about it practically before you’re finished authoring it. Google and additional search engines travel to Blog sites too many times in a day to calculate.
Once you make a blog posting and nonchalantly drop your web site with a link to it, you have in reality produced a back link. Any blog host that's of any worthiness is indexed in Google and Google trusts
what these Blog web sites say and if you link to your web site in a Blog you’re commonly indexed promptly.
Almost all techniques of getting indexed promptly rely on back links and acquiring them easily. Blogging is an awesome way and so is having your acquaintances link to you who are already indexed.
Below are a few reputable Blog web sites that will be of excellent use to you.
 Make it a point not to put a blog on every single one or at any rate don’t put a blog on every one and utilize the future techniques I'm going to talk about. It’ll do more damage than good.
Great sites to Blog about your web site (listed as I believe they should go, they’re all good):

  1. · Blogger
  2. - 7 -
  3. · BlogSpot
  4. · 360 Degrees
  5. · MySpace
  6. · Xanga
  7. · LiveJournal
  8. · Multiply
  9. · Opera
  10. · Blog

There are many, many many more Blogging web sites. A few are for simply general blogs and others are for particular sorts of Blogs. Do a little research and you will discover a lot more with ease.
Blogging blended with Pinging might be the most valuable and successful way to get indexed.
It is all free of charge and all truly great when it comes to getting indexed and getting indexed promptly.
I will get into pinging soon but first of all I wish to touch up on RSS.


RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication. It is a way to let the search engines and blog hosts recognize when you update your page or blog as soon as it is done.
While RSS alone is un-needed, when you make the best of it with your blog or page it’s simply a different tool in the arsenal of indexing that you are able to readily make the best of.
Once again, this isn’t a comprehensive guide to anything it’s simply a way to get you set up and know what you’re doing so I'm not going to write page after page on RSS. The matchless neat thing about RSS
that I may tell you is that it truly does work.
Everything I’ve said so far and will work, but RSS is truly simple to accomplish and is simply an add-on to your web site that will help either get you indexed or hold your ranking.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Yahoo Answers Burglary

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Yahoo Answers Burglary

Similar to YouTube videos Yahoo Answers get a large amount of traffic from the website itself as well as Search Engine Traffic.
In fact, search engine traffic to Yahoo Answers is almost inevitable as many people type their searches into Google as questions.
Another advantage of Yahoo Answers is that they allow Level 2 users  to post links directly into their answers and in the resource box.
This is another area where you will want to link to helpful articles or  resources such as wikipedia with your popup or exit popup.
Posting affiliate links directly into Yahoo answers will get your questions deleted and your account banned so don’t do it.
After all, we created Click Jacker, so that you don’t have to do that. I’ll give you an illustration to make the concept easier..
Type in a your keyword and refine your search to “Open Questions” by
selecting the appropriate option.
This will restrict your questions to only the most recent ones that  are still open for you to answer.
Don’t worry, there is always a ton of activity on this website so you
shouldn’t have any trouble finding a question about your product.
As I mentioned earlier you will need to have a Level 2 answers account to post a link in your response.
You can get this the hard way by answer questions, receiving votes
for the best answer, asking questions and participating on the site.
OR you can  buy them on This seller is offering a gig for five Level 2 Accounts that will be
delivered in Less than 24 Hours:
I’ve bought from this seller before and have several accounts still active and working months after I purchased them.
Okay, back to work, let’s get this question answered...
Many of the reviews you find are written by people that make money  when you buy the product. Luckily I found a website that outlines
both the Pros and Cons of Garcinia as well as the best products
based on user feedback. You can find it in the resource box below
One way to improve your chances of making your link stick when answering questions on Yahoo answers is to post a link to your Facebook fan page instead of directly using your Click Jacker link

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