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How to create a Strong Diversified Backlink Profile part 1

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Create a Strong Diversified Backlink Profile

Action(Get Ready)

Start with at least 1 article for your main site; if you already have 15-25 articles, schedule them to be published 3 or 4 days after each one. So if you have 20 articles, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be updating your content for the next 3 months, which is very good for a new site  Prioritize the keywords (within the 60% targeted anchors) for the page, and allocate more percentage to the one that has highest search volume  (Optional) Create a new Hotmail account for all your linkbuilding
Suggested Time:Write 1 article per 3 days Service (Optional) (generally cheaper)  (more professional writers)  iWriter (purely article-based service)

Action (Article Directories)

Generate 10 spun articles from your spinner; remember to untick “Autospin” & set “Article amount” to 10 (Use SpinnerChief II “Free” if you haven‟t got one)

  • Proofread the spun versions that you are going to submit to eZine and GoArticles (this is the only proofreading you need to do) 

  • Write a short description for resource box where you will put your link in, and spend no more than 10 minutes spinning it. This can be as short as: (I hope you have found this article useful and I’d highly suggest to you check out my site to learn more about “yourkeyword”, I’m sure you’ll love it!) 

  •  The point is for putting your backlinks there rather than getting lead traffic, so no need to write anything long in the resource box  

Submit these 10 articles to any 10 article directories below
Use any one ofs  your targeted keywords (within the 60%)in the resource box (If I‟ve got 3 targeted keywords, I would use one for 3 submissions, another one for the other 3 submissions, and another one for 4 submissions)

  •  Record the URLs, type, username, and password 

*Note that you will need to wait 1-2 weeks to get some of your articles approved, so you can temporarily forget about recording the URLs of the articles that are not yet approved .
1) EZine
2) ArticleBase
3) GoArticles
4) ArticleAlley
5) Isnare
6) Amazines
7) ArticleDashboard
8) Articlecity
9) Articleclick
10) ArticleRich
11) Articler
12) Article Blast
 Suggested Time Spend no more than 15 minutes for each manual submission, in most cases 10 minutes would be enough. Preferably do 1 Article Submission per day
Recommend Tool (Optional):  Magic Submitter

Action Press Release

Generate another 10 spun articles from the spinner

  •  Choose 10 top Press Release sites below and submit these 10 articles to them in the correct formats (see samples below) 
  •  *Recommended: Either use your website URL or your brand name for links in press release sites, this is to ensure your articles to get accepted. The brand name can be a pure brand name OR the keyword in your domain name (refer to the Myth of EMDs on pg. 17)
  •   Submitting to the top Press Release sites is to build up certain authority to your site, especially if it‟s a new one. 
  •  Record everything *Same as article links, you may need to wait 1-2 weeks for article approval before you can get the actual link. Again, we will get to that in STAGE TWO. 
 Here are two lists of Press Release sites for those who would like to submit more Press Releases in the future. However, we won't be submitting anymore for this campaign

1) PRLog
2) Free-Press-Release
3) Directionsmag
4) Midlandfreepress
5) PressMethod
6) Mediasyndicate
7) PressBox
8) Pressreleaser
9) TheOpenPress
10) ClickPress
11) NewswireToday
12) Pr-Inside
Suggested time: Just like article directories: Spend no more than 15 minutes for each manual submission. Preferably do 1 Press Release Submission per day
Recommended Tool (Optional): Magic Submitter

Press Release Format: (Samples) 

Simplest Sample – Put this in the end (author bio/resource box)
Hamilton, New Zealand - November 12, 2004 - (Put this before your introduction)
Article provided by ABC Company of Peter Jones 
Visit us at:

More-Detailed Sample – Put this in the end (author bio/resource box)
LONDON, ENGLAND, June 13, 2012 /the press release site name/
Shelly Smith is a sole trader of lemonade and occasional cookies. Her stand at 223 North Street is usually open weekdays after school and weekends, except when she is playing with her friends or watching a movie.
Shelly Smith
 233 North Street,
New Zealand
 Ph: +64-877-9233
Again, no need to make things complex, just pick one and use it!

Youtube Optimization

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 YouTube Optimization

   Make sure you sign up for the YouTube partners account before we do any of the other optimizations:

 You first need to phone verify account then you will be able to add things as you go. After uploading the video you will be presented with a number of options to edit, each of which will have a direct effect on your ranking.

 The title of the video is the first and most important part of the video. It must contain the keyword, and a call to action with the phone number you set up.

For example – “Cosmetic Dentist Boston” When this video is ranked in Google, the number will be clearly visible:
they don’t click the video. I suspect the majority of my calls actually come from the title as opposed to people watching the video itself. Make sure that you description includes your keywords as well as a link to the video itself.
This will help create an extra backlink from anyone who embeds the video. YouTube has the option to add royalty free music to the video, and there is plenty to choose from. Add the location you are targeting in YouTube.
This will help the video show up for searchers who are in that area. Add annotations and closed captions and tags with the keywords in them. Google has limited ability to scan the actual content of your video so they use these to help determine the content and rank accordingly.

Next you want to purchase around 300 views from either fiverr, or vegex. Don’t go over 1000 views as YouTube can flag these views as spam. Pay attention to the engagement of your video, YouTube want to see a watch time of at least 50% which is why you want to keep your spam view count down.

Spam views lower this rate. Backlink and Social Bookmarks The next step to ranking videos is to generate off site backlinks to your video url. A quick word on backlinks, Google's algorithm changes constantly and although these changes are slower to effect videos, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and do what Google likes.
They will reward you for your good behavior with higher ranking and more traffic. Make sure you vary your anchor text.. it is important to use the keyword, but only use it in about 20% of your backlinks.
 The first and best way to get backlinks is to embed your video in as many relevant places as you can. This syndication will increase the view count as well as provide relevancy and backlinks to the video page ranking it higher.

You can use squidoo lens, hubpages and other article sites to embed your videos in content that is relevant to the topic you are talking about. I simply outsource my back links, but you can reverse engineer your competition's backlink sources to help you do it manually Using on the videos that are ranked for your keyword and for the top 10 organic results can uncover backlink sources you can use to rank your video.
 Simply look through their backlinks for any site that lets you post them or even will sell them to you. If you are like me and hate the thought of going through hundreds of sites trying to get a backlink, you can just as easily spend a few hundred dollars on fiverr to do the work for you.

As your business grows the most important asset you will have is your time. In many cases it's better to spend money on someone else to do the hard work.

Outsource video creation:

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