Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Eight Tips To Use Amazon Promotion Codes

Amazon is one of the well-known online shopping stores. It provides almost everything around your life! Everyday, thousands of people buy products from amazon or sell their products at amazon. It is also a famous online shopping service provider over the Internet. Millions of customers explore everyday to purchase every kind of products, from jewelry to books. But, before you decide to click the "checkout" button, please take a careful consideration about the price. You can use the amazon promotion codes to save a lot of money.

In fact, Amazon is also one of the first sites many people look for coupons codes and discounts. Amazon also encourages people to use those promotion codes while go shopping on Amazon website, because this is a good solution for both Amazon and their customers. Here, we will introduce some money-saving tips for you to take advantage of the Amazon promotion codes efficiently and correctly.

1. Don't be so hurry. If you see something you really want and it's a great price, please don't go to buy immediately. You need to check the description of that item carefully, and look for whether there is a special offer or not. If yes, compare the check out special offer price with your promotion code 's price, and then choose the best one to you.

2. Don't get caught up in grocery deals. There are some fabulous deals every month on Amazon, but if you use coupons you may save more by just going to your grocery store. On the other hand - If you have the time and space, use some Amazon promotion codes for your grocery deals can really save you money, and it's free delivery.

3. Amazon always put their promotion codes under the category special offer page. So, please check the web page of the category you have interest in, and look for the "Here's How" sentence which almost 99% of promotion codes will appear in the link page behind it.

4. If you buy more than ten or above items from Amazon, then consider to get a Prime membership for only $79 which is free 2 day shipping for twelve months for all items marked Prime. Combine the Prime with your promotion codes will let save a lot of money on Amazon.

5. Check promotion code's expire date before using them. Some of promotion codes will expire after just one week, and the others will expire after one month or even longer.

6. Check the discussion board of the products to find if there is a promotion code for you. Find out what the other customers said before you use the codes. Sometimes other customers can share with you the best tips about promotion codes.

7. Check Amazon special events including subscribe saving event, holiday shopping event, and gold box deals first. Sometimes you would find good deals among them. Promotion code is not your only choice.

8. Use the pricegrabber or other price comparison engine to check if the price of amazon is the best one.

For more shopping tips for Amazon, please check Amazon Discount Center site which collects the best Amazon shopping tips and coupon codes for you.

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