Sunday, May 24, 2009

Make Money on the Internet With Affiliate Programs

Make Money on the Internet with affiliate programs has been my 2nd choice when it comes to make money online for me. Of course, my first choice is Google Adsense. The fundamental of achieving success with affiliate marketing (programs) is to have tons of traffic for your website. I previously wrote an article on “Top 4 Ways To Make Money On The Internet Using Your Blog” which shares with you my other money making programs as well.

The reason is because your affiliate sales will depend very much on the number of times (impressions) your affiliate product get exposed to your visitors. The greater the number of impressions, the higher the chance a sales gets closed.

Since affiliate marketing are getting more and more popular to make money on the internet well, I think I should write an article on some of my favorite programs to share with you.

1. Commission Junction -The largest affiliate program in North America operating worldwide and powering almost 50% of the top 500 web retailers affiliate marketing programs. Popular customers include, Yahoo and Circuit City.

2. Amazon - Previously famous online bookstore now diversified to product lines like VHS, DVDs, music CDs, MP3, computer software, video games, electronics etc. Comes with Amazon Associates Program that let you earns up to 15% in referral commissions by advertising Amazon’s products. Comes with Amazon aStore that allows associates to configure an entire online store in a few easy steps.

3. ClickBank - An affiliate program that deals mostly with informational products such as ebooks and softwares (around 10,000 products). Publishers prefer ClickBank because Clickbank makes their entire process of earning affiliate commission completely transparent. Earns as much as 75% per sale, as well as recurring revenue from subscription products.

4. Shopzilla - A leading comparison shopping service for the lowest prices, check store ratings & read product reviews before consumers decide to buy. Currently, the program is in the beta stage of having its publisher program that allows website publishers to make money on the internet by displaying sponsored shopping content on their site.

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