Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 5 Best Auction/ecommerce Sites to Help You Kick the Ebay Habit

Today we will talk about the auction phenom ebay and some better alternatives to this site. With over 147 million members and over 26 sites worldwide, it's no surprise that everyone has jumped on the ebay bandwagon. Ebay was once a great place to trade, however, a lot has changed. The auction giant ebay has become massively overcrowded with sellers and ebay's customer service has suffered. With so many sellers trading on the site ebay has taken measures to regulate the marketplace. For instance, if you are a new seller there is a limit on how many items you can sell and thus how much money you can make. Besides this, ebay has horrible customer service and no live reps to talk to when you have a serious issue. If you have a problem with trust and safety you will have to send an email that can take up to 2 weeks to receive a response. But we all know the horrors of ebay, let's talk about the best alternative sites on the web to make a good income.


This site has a little over 50,000 members and is growing all the time. is based in the UK but they have a great site in the U.S. as well. You can sell pretty much anything you sold on ebay and there are no fees to list your items. There is only a small final value fee if your item sells. You can also accept checks, money orders and even Paypal.

This site is a great one. On eCrater you are allowed to create a completely free store with no fees period! This site also has a great deal of members most of which are scorned ebayers. has a lot to offer like unlimited product listings, integrated payment options such as Google checkout and Paypal, Up to 10 pictures per listing and automatic submission to google products database. I should also mention that eCrater is not an auction site, it is a site where you sell your products with a for sale sign(Buy it now). This site comes with a domain name of your choice when you sign up so you can fully advertise your store independantly if you wish.


This is another very popular site with a nice number of members who actually place bids on the items listed. At one time Overstock was running neck and neck with ebay! This site has fees but are about 40% cheaper than the bay. This site also allows you to accept paypal and other forms of electronic payment as well as checks and money orders.


Buyitsellit is awesome, I mean it! This site has more designs for your storefont than any of the other internet sites on the web. This site is not an auction site though, just buy it now sales. The web designs you get for free on this site are comparable to the templates you get when you purchase a yahoo eCommerce site. If you want a site that will look beautiful and fully represent the products you offer, sign up with You also get a domain name so that you can advertise your store yourself. You can accept paypal and google checkout as well as a whole host of other payment methods.


Last but certainly not least is ePier is home to over 62,000 members. This site is completely free but they have certain requirements for new sellers like refering a friend and making sure your prices are reasonable, but besides those minor annoyances this site is gold. This is another site that is growing all the time and will definetely be a force to be reckoned with in a few years.

Well, these are the best ebay alternative sites on the web! there are many other alternatives to ebay but these five have the most members and best exposure to help you sell more items and make more money. With a little time and effort these sites can help you build a small internet fortune. Hope my article was helpful. I wish you all happy sales and an ebay free future!

By : Jonathan D.

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