Thursday, May 21, 2015

Making the Most of Your Blog Comments

Making the Most of Your Blog Comments

1.) Reply to the very 1st comment.

 This is great for blog posts that have a lot of comments.
Your reply will be as visible to readers as this very first comment.

2.) Initiate your own comment thread.

 Blog viewers are naturally attracted to conversation threads as they like to see the back and forth between commenters.
 This is a high visibility source for you. Ideally, start a conversation with the 1st commenter in a post
by agreeing, disagreeing tactfully, and providing a thoughtful question that invites feedback.
Not only wil readers view these threads actively, but some will want to jump in and
participate. And this is a tremendous source of targeted traffic back to your site.

3.) Format your blog comments for visual appeal.

Everybody does this within their own blogs, yet close to NO ONE does this when they comment on other blogs. A visually appealing post will get noticed and stand out.

 Make a really long comment

 Take advantage of bold text for phrases, italics for selected sentences, and bullet lists. I don’t really know why, but bullet lists do the trick all the time.

4.) Make a really long comment.

 This will get noticed as well. In a post with or without several comments, a really lengthy one attracts attention.
 People assume if you’ve posted a long comment you have authority and something of value to contribute. So they’ll read it.
Trick is, you have to know what you’re talking about here!

5.) Select ‘notify me of replies’.

 This option is available on most blogs.
Great resource as rather than you go looking for posts to comment on, once you’re engaged in a post you’ll
get a reminder saying someone has added to that post. Giving you another chance to get in there and  contribute.

6.) Use the blogger’s name when commenting. 

This is a sign of respect and shows your concern for detail. Plus you’ll get noticed by the blogger him or herself, which will certainly help. Maybe they’ll want to link back to your blog and follow you on social media.
Easy to do, so rarely done.
How to go viral again this is the best part, because once you’ve made your comments the hard work is done.

Here’s how to drive the most targeted traffic from our blog

Commenting- alternate the links in your signature. 

Let’s say you’ve chosen to comment regularly in 2 blogs relevant to your niche. In one blog, include in your signature a link back to your own blog or site.
 In the other blog, make your signature link directly to your facebook page.
Some people will be more attracted to one format over the other.
So mix up your links a bit to send people to different places, all linking back to you. This just increases your brand exposure.
Plus if they like your facebook page and your comments, they’re likely to share your page again. And now you have targeted viral traffic.

 Ping the blog comment page

 Pinging is free, fast and I can guarantee you over 90% of bloggers aren’t doing it.
All it does is lets the search engines know that new content has been created, so it vastly increases the chances that your comments will be crawled by the engines faster.
Which obviously gets your comments viewed by a much higher potential audience.
So head over to, then, then
All you need to is enter the url of the current blog page you’ve commented on, and these
programs will take care of the rest.
and of course ensure your signature includes your linked icons to your facebook, twitter
and google plus accounts.

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