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Black Hat AdSense Secret Traffic Tricks

Getting targeted visitors is extremely important to any business. Actually, it’s the most difficult part of any online web site or web blog.
                                          Every year, a lot of time and money is devoted to both the so-called White hat search engine optimization (seo) and black hat seo to attract visitors.
                                         If you are new to online business, it’s no big deal. Black hat seo represents all the illegal ways to outsmart the search engine; whereas, white hat seo concentrates on how to optimize the website to attract better search results from popular search engines.
                                         So, what’s the big deal with good search engine results? This one is easy. It’s human nature to read the first few results that come back from a search of keywords in your favorite search engine such as Google and Yahoo.
                                         Let’s say that if you are looking for information regarding “How to detect if your wife is cheating,” you will type in “detect wife cheating.”

If you are using Google, you will get the following results:


                           It's a human nature to look at the first few titles and descriptions from the results of your Google search. You will probably start with looking at the first result. Wow, it’s the perfect match, so you click on their link and go into their site. Likewise, if your site can be displayed on the first or second page, the chances that someone who is looking for the same information will visit your site increase dramatically.
There are a number of methods out there to improve your Google page rank and improve your natural search result. However, they all require a lot of time and effort.
I will not argue with the importance of natural search optimization; however, you may be out of business by the time your natural search is beginning to show promise. Also, since everyone is getting smarter and is beginning to find ways to improve their natural search, there is no guarantee that you will be in the top spot 6 months down the road.
                         This section contains four methods that are proven to drive insane targeted traffic to your site without any torture from using seo optimization. 
                           You can combine different methods to improve the outcome of your campaign.
 However, one word of warning: guard these secret tricks for yourself. If you really like these tricks, is going to release another eBook totally devoted to getting insane traffic in a non-traditional way in the future
Method 1 – the Google lovers

This is an easy one. Remember that we talked about Google AdWords . You have also learned how to use one of the AdWords tool from Google to find your high paying keywords. Used correctly, this will drive a lot of traffic almost instantly to your web site or web blog.

                                     You set up an AdWords campaign and bid on the keywords that are related to your niche site. When someone clicks on the Google ads, they will be directed to your site. Once your “targeted” visitor reaches your site, you will be making money from Google AdSense every time your visitor clicks on your ads.

                                      Now, I bet you understand how Google AdWords campaigns can increase your traffic, but how do you make money this way? The secret is in bidding in keywords with low cost per click (CPC).
If we use the student loan consolidation case again, using the AdWords tool, the highest paying CPC is $69.16 and the lowest bid is $0.05. Let’s assume that you have just started your web blog and you are just getting $5.00 per click and with a click through rate of 5%. If you get 1000 targeted visitors, you will need to pay only $50 to Google. However, if you get $5 per click, you will be making $250. And, if you can get ads with a CPC of $15, you will be making $750. Finally, although this is very unlikely, if you can get the highest paying CPC at $69.16, you will be making $3,458.
The Google lovers method will bring you ‘TARGETED” visitors almost instantly with a small price. If you really want to master the secret of Google AdWords, you can download this book here. (Don’t worry, it’s free, and it’s from Google.)
Also, you can sign up here:

Method 2 – the buyer’s dungeon

                       Which site do you believe to be the most successful auction site in the world? Is it eBay, or Yahoo?  The answer all depends on what part of the world are you in. If you are located in the US, you will for sure say eBay; however, if you are from Japan,
you will be surprised that Yahoo is killing eBay over there. Of course, they are probably using karate or jujitsu.
                    Anyway, either eBay or Yahoo, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that not too many people are doing this. Also, what you can do is to set up an auction related to your product or niche site. Whatever you are going to do, you have to be outrageous to the point that the visitors will have to look at your site through the link in your description page at eBay.
Please remember that the visitors are all highly targeted visitors. They are ready to buy something, and they are ready to click on your AdSense ads to find out more about other related sites.

Method 3 – digg your own place

                         Have you heard about  According to, “Digg is all about user powered content. 
                     Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news that's important to you!”
                         Basically, if you have a niche site that you want a rush of “Targeted” visitors, you can post a short description and a link to the page with your AdSense advertisements.
                        If the title of your post is interesting enough, it will attract a lot of people from all over the world to your site right after you posted your entry, so the effect is immediately. And, these visitors are not just anyone who needs to fulfill their quota like in a traffic exchange program; they are your “Targeted” visitors.
                         People who like your article will digg (vote for) your article and the more diggs you got from users, the greater chance that your article will be moving to the front of the website, just like the front page of a newspaper.
A number of web blogs and sites which nobody knew nor cared about have come to existence because of

Do you still remember the British kid who wanted to raise a fund for college by creating the Million Dollar Homepage a year ago? He orchestrated a number of people to digg a post about his website. Once people started digging his post, he got a free ride. They “digged” it all the way to the top
and the news was picked up by the media. He became a frequent guest on a number of cable news networks instantly. And, you know the rest of the story. If you don’t, he made a million dollars in just a few months.
                                 In addition to getting a lot of targeted visitors, putting an entry in will also put you on the map for search engines as they all love If “digg your own place” is implemented correctly, you will find your site name in the first page of search engine results in just a few days. I have seen it happen in just one day.
                             Every time people search for the keywords you have been targeted, they will find an entry with your web URL in the front page of the search result. Even if they don’t visit your site right away, they will eventually if the title of your article is interesting enough. What other type of advertisement or seo technique can you think of that can achieve this in a short period of  time? This is the true value of viral marketing.

Method 4 – embrace the new world

                                       The world is constantly changing; as is online marketing. People who cannot move forward with new technology will end up dead in the struggle to survive in online business. 
This is the secret weapon that I used to help a couple of sites to pre-launch products and attract huge amounts of “Targeted” visitors.
                                       I called this “embrace the new world”, or “Torrent Marketing.”
Bit Torrent is a technology that a lot of people have been using to download legal or illegal mp3 tracks or movies. There are a number of torrent sites out there that you can use to distribute your information. For example, one of the most important torrent sites is called

This approach can be very technical as it involves a lot of new concepts and tools. For instance, you need to open up certain “port” in your computer to increase the upload and download speed, etc. However, the power of this approach is beyond imagination. Besides, all the search engines love them.
                                    Don’t worry. Here is a simple way to implement my torrent marketing – “embrace the new world. “
First, you have to create an article with a link back to your page with all the AdSense ads. Similar to the “digg your own place” technique, you need to create an article, or whatever, that will catch the attention your targeted audience. You may just give out a summary of the information of the page that you would like your visitors to visit. Of course, you have to create a link back to your site. Please make sure that you aren’t a salesman. 
People hate and avoid salesmen when they are not prepared to buy your stuff.

                                     You have to make it look like visiting your site is a natural extension of the freely distributed article.
 Second, create a torrent with tracker information for your file. Most of the torrent sites will allow you to use a public tracker; however, make sure to check with the site that you are interested in about the public tracker that you can use.
 For instance, will only allow its own tracker.
Third, upload your torrent file to one of the sites such as The Pirate Bay. All torrent sites come with an option to upload your torrent file. Most of time, they require you to write a description.
Fourth, use as many PCs as you can get to seed the torrent. The more PCs available, the greater the number of “completed” files that are accessible by your targeted audience.
Fifth, wait for an explosion of targeted traffic to your site. 
This will not be as fast as when you “digg your own place,” but it will usually take off in a few minutes.

Here is a list of the most common torrent sites:

One of the tactical advantage of using “embrace the new world” is similar to “digg your own place,” your site will be picked up by the popular search engines such as Google in a couple of days. 
Now, if you have been using the WHITE hat seo, you should know how long it usually takes to be picked up by major search engines

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